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Blog Posts by "Elizabeth Campbell"

Ideas for Fall Landscaping


Are you looking for new ways to expand your gardens or yards this fall? Here are a few tips that you should bring to a local landscaper to help you with. 1.Screen Views: Adding depth to your garden can help you hide areas that you may not want your guests seeing. Through adding large colorful fa...

TIPS to End the Summer


Help your garden out this summer!! 1. Help Keep your Plants Cool Pots, such as terracotta, are susceptible to overheating easily in the summer time. Position them out of the sun on extremely hot days. Be aware that standing plants in water saucers will encourage root rot and breed mosquitoes. A s...

Caterpillar or Spider?



Have you ever noticed the large web cocoons in the trees during the fall? At first glance, you might think that spiders are about to fall out of it and create the next Jumanji movie, but after a closer look, you can see thousands of worms. These caterpillars are called Fall Webworms (Hyphantria c...

Who Needs a Landscaper Anyways


Why do you need a Landscaper? In today’s society, we all have those DIY (Do It Yourself) individuals in our family, but some of us may not be on the same wavelength. You may not have the time, money, or resources to complete jobs in your yard. These obstacles can be used to create reasons why an ...

What Are These Holes?


Have you ever experienced holes or soft spots in your yard? This is NOT something that you should ignore. These holes can become a danger to the yard, garden, and your ankles. Animal Damage Try to figure out the source of the issue. Below you can review a chart from “What’s digging holes in my ya...

Get Ready for Fall!!!


Here is a starter list to get your landscape ready for the winter months. Grass Care -Blow your leaves off the lawn to ensure that your grass isn’t smothered during the winter months. -Be sure to take the gas out of your lawn mower. -Daivd B. wrote in an article in “About Home”, “Avoid fertilizin...

Bug Remedies


Are you searching for ideas to keep the bugs away in the summer? Mosquitoes Citronella. A clumping grass that releases a strong aroma, masking surrounding smells from mosquitos. It may grow up to 5-6 feet tall. Lemon Balm. Part of the mint family, it is a great table plant that can last through d...

DIY Garden Ideas


Hiring a landscaper can help you obtain your dream garden. Although, there are ways that you can avoid having to call your local landscaper. BEWARE. These options are risky if you do not do your homework. Know your yard. Is your terrain hilly, rocky, too shaded, or uneven? Try using multiple plan...

9 Landscaping No-Nos


LANDSCAPING NO-NOS 1. Avoid the use of crazy amounts of lawn ornaments. This can take the focus off of the garden and put the attentions on the excessive amounts of frogs and gnomes. 2. Research where your plants should be placed. Exposure to certain elements can help your plants thrive. The...

The Shortage is REAL


Has your landscaper ever told you that there is a sod shortage? Well……. This is a real problem in the landscaping world. In an area like Athens, Georgia, Bermuda and Zoysia are in top demand for customers, due to the climate. This issue stems from three factors: 1. Fewer acres are being grown. 2...