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August, Dog days!


Almost at the end of August, and we are getting a few needed thunderstorms, the past weekend Athens Eastside got more rain than other places, we have been working around Atlanta and it’s dry there, we installed an irrigation system in Jefferson last week, the ground was real hard, we defini...

Tagged: dry weather, water tanks, irrigation, grass stress lines, reynolds landscape, weather patterns in athens, ga landscape in athens, ga

Summer 2011


The past two weeks we have been laying a good bit of sod, last week we had to squeeze the planning in between thunderstorms, most of the storms are just a lot of wind and little rain, we got 1/4" of an inch here on the Eastside of Athens, I heard last week Gwinett county, had 2.5" in on...

Tagged: dry periods, stressed sod, athens leaf and limb pick up, reynolds landscape, weather patterns in athens

Are Your Plants at Risk of Drowning?


Our recent dry spell has led to several questions from my clients about watering. The dryness tends to make people want to over-water. A client recently contacted me to ask why her rose bush appeared withered and dry but had been watered recently. I immediately suspected she was over-watering....

Outsmart the Drought: Water at Night


As we transition from spring to summer, we are experiencing extremely dry conditions. State Climatologist, David Stokesbury, recently warned that we may slip back into a drought this season, and it looks as if he may be right. The opposition of cooler evening temperatures and oppressively hot d...

Tagged: landscape athens ga, landscaping athens ga, drought, summertime plant care, outdoor watering, turfgrass care

Easter week!



Last weekend was the heat and pollen, today the pollen has settled down into the 250 count, the cool temperatures in the morning this week have some grass and plants a bit slow coming out of dormancy, since mid February the weather has had the plants and grasses opening up, now 2 months has passe...

Tagged: athens ga landscaping, reynolds landscape contractors, spring planting, spring weather, soil pumping