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Pine Bark Beetles



Pine bark beetles are insects that normally attack stressed and dying pine trees, and usually do not infest trees that are otherwise healthy and vigorous. They are attracted to the odor produced by wind-thrown trees and trees damaged or killed by nature or man. Living pine trees are infested when...

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Attack of the Army Worms


If you haven’t experienced the wrath of Army worms, then consider yourself lucky! These white and yellow striped caterpillars seemingly harmless have a viscous appetite. They travel in masses and at night will completely destroy pastures and lawns of bermudagrass. This year many of our cl...

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Cold continues


Weather forecast the next few weeks. at least to the end of February, has a few cold burst of Artic air still pushing down. Maybe not a Polar Vortex but a Polar Plunge of Air, the past few clippers from the Alberta region have reinforced the cold air for a few weeks. today it feels great at 50 de...

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Crepe Myrtle Pruning


To prune a Crepe Myrtle tree or not.

Tagged: pruning of crepe myrtle trees

Start of 2014


The start of this year has been cold, BRRRR….. The week brought the coldest temperatures we have seen in decades, we had a Polar Vortex blow a cold front down towards Florida, more than 70% of the United States was frozen, Global Warming?? Hmmmm…… We had so many clients that had...

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