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Summer 2012


The heat

Into the Summer of 2012, the heat has returned from last year, we had many days of hot temperatures in 2011, we broke more high records last year, more than ever before, everyone had a mild winter and now Summer of 2012 is here, it might be in the record books as well, the midwest has been scorch...

Trees Dying?


Trees dying

We have had a few calls about trees dying out. The trees are older, and have been stressed by the past few years drought. After last Summer’s heat and drought a lot of trees are showing the signs now, when the ground gets wet, the trees topple over. I have seen a few this past month that s...

Tagged: trees dying, tree care southeast, drought, summer heat, stressed trees

Spring Forward!


Don’t forget Daylight Savings starts tonight! Today’s early March warm blue skies are perfect for getting out in the yard. Now is the time of the year where you can help your yard or garden get in its best shape possible for the spring. Here are some tips from landscape blogger, Erica...

Tagged: landscaping tips for the south, spring yard care in georgia, landscaping athens ga



January of 2012, has passed by quick. We have been busy on a multiple home facility in Elberton and a commercial waterproofing job in Atlanta, so driving>workin>driving has been the norm. One of my clients asked this past week, why haven’t you blogged about the weather, I thought, I...

Tagged: weather, warm winter in 2012, landscaper in athens ga, reynolds landscape contractors, buttercups blooming, thunder in january

Preventing a Well Problem



Not having water when you need it can be a nuisance. Some small steps and maintenance can help prevent a major problem with your well. The prevention, stage is always just listening out for the well, and to see if you notice it coming on and off frequently, is it kicking on and off very rapid, if...

Tagged: wells, waterlogging, air supply in well tanks, irrigation pressure