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Armadillos, once to be known as never heard of in Georgia, now they habitat all the way up to the upper Piedmont region. I see more in more in Athens, I have noticed you will see more during hot and dry months, you see them dead on the side of the road. In the summer they are nocturnal and feed ...

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How a Christmas Cactus knows it's Christmas time!



The knowledge of a Christmas Cactus, Schlumbergera x buckleyi, it keeps better time than I do. My Christmas cactus knows to bloom every year at the right time, I get so caught up in work and in the fall with Georgia football, I forget that it is December before I know it. I walked in the other da...

Tagged: indoor plants, christmas cactus, light needs for christmas cactus, photosynthesis

Protecting pipes from freezing!


Had a few calls today on busted pipes, when it dips into the twenties, you must protect your pipes. Drain irrigation and other water hose lines before the weather arrives, no water is needed in December on the existing landscape. If it is new then apply water during the day after lunch, when it i...

Zoysia Grass Maintenance


Water needs of turf; apply one inch per week in deep waterings, this encourages deep rooting, the deeper the roots the healthier the sod. Mowing; the debate remains on the clippings being left on the lawn, I suggest leaving them on occasionally. Optimum mowing height 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches for a qua...

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Winterizing your Irrigation system!


The irrigation system can be turned off in Dec- March in Northeast Georgia. We get enough moisture from frost and weekly rains in the fall and winter that you can turn off the irrigation system and save that money. All systems have a cut off, a ball valve, go to that main cut off and turn it off,...

Tagged: winterizing pumps, irrigation prep for winter months in georgia, landscape irrigation systems, centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps