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Plants for Good Screens and Buffers



As the winter comes in, the leaves fall off and a thick hedge becomes thin, more than any other time of the year, one can see where a natural plant screen can be beneficial. Once the leaves fall off an evergreen screen can help block sound and light. Also bordering the property to help achieve m...

Liming and it's benefits.


Applying an application of lime over the landscape and your property is great for being able to grow plants and grass at it’s full potential. The soil in Northeast Georgia, is very acidic, usually a ph of 3-4. It takes applications of lime to help buffer the soil and raise the ph, once the ...

Tagged: liming, soil acidity, ph levels, soil ph, plant nutrients, reynolds landscape

Winterizing your landscape!


Winterizing your Landscape, as we transition into colder temperatures, one’s landscape may require some attention to weather proofing. The main thing is turning off the irrigation water, turn off the water main or ball valve and drain the valves to ensure no live water is sitting in the pip...

Tagged: winterize the landscape, cold preperation for landscapes, athens ga landscapes

Indian Summer?


The winter forecast has been that we would be above average on temperatures, having a mild, warm winter. The last month of fall 2011, has definitely been an “Indian Summer”. However, we have had a few frost in NorthEast Georgia,but we have had a few frost at temperautues at 35 degre...

Wrapping up October!



Snapdragons for cool season color!