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1st week of October


Started October off with great weather, perfect week, the sky has been so clear even at night, crisp cool mornings, we had a frost early Monday morning, we had a thin layer of ice on the truck windshields that morning, it was colder than they had forecasted. I saw signs of some turf today, mainly...

90 over 90


Still dry here in NorthEast Georgia, I believe the SouthGeorgia area is in a historical dry period, I noticed this week up towards Elberton, out in the rural parts of Athens, you can still see the Cicada’s holes in the ground where they emerged from in metamorphosis, that was 4-5 months ago, it h...

Tagged: drought, reynolds landscape, athens dry period, winterizing turf, cicadas, dry periods in georgia

1st week of Sept


After a not so great labor day weekend, because the Dawgs lost and the Race was postponed, tropical storm lee did give us a little moisture, the 5" predicted did not happen, we got an inch, it just settled the dust here in Athens, we did have some cloudy days on Tuesday and Wednesday, and ...

Tagged: reynolds landscape contractors, athens ga, army worms, bermuda sod, tropical storm lee, soap flush with turf insects



Wow, it’s really dry! The past few weeks I have noticed the trees and plants have been stressing in and around the Athens area, our projects in Atlanta are worse. Some areas are definitely worse than others, mid town, East of Atlanta is real dry, Gwinett county has a few spots, that is gree...

Tagged: rain, drought, turf watering, reynolds landscape, athens ga water accumulation, trees stressing, plants stressing

August, Dog days!


Almost at the end of August, and we are getting a few needed thunderstorms, the past weekend Athens Eastside got more rain than other places, we have been working around Atlanta and it’s dry there, we installed an irrigation system in Jefferson last week, the ground was real hard, we defini...

Tagged: dry weather, water tanks, irrigation, grass stress lines, reynolds landscape, weather patterns in athens, ga landscape in athens, ga