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Blog Posts

Lawns in Georgia

Mar 22, 2011

Lawns in Georgia! A nice lawn adds so much to a landscape, it adds balance to bed sizes and beauty to the overall appearance of the landscape. Establishing and maintaining a lawn area takes a lot of time and effort. So proper grass selection for t...

Tagged: athens ga, sod, grading, landscape contractor in athens ga, reynolds landscape contractors, bermuda sod

Conserving Water

Apr 17, 2011

As we enter the spring, and the need for water on landscapes here in Georgia, we must be careful and evaluate our watering of the landscapes, look at your landscape and see if there are places that could be reduced on watering because plants have ...

Tagged: irrigation, reynolds landscape, athens ga, rainbird, irrigation contractor

1st week of Sept

Sep 8, 2011

After a not so great labor day weekend, because the Dawgs lost and the Race was postponed, tropical storm lee did give us a little moisture, the 5" predicted did not happen, we got an inch, it just settled the dust here in Athens, we did ha...

Tagged: reynolds landscape contractors, athens ga, army worms, bermuda sod, tropical storm lee, soap flush with turf insects


Erosion Control

Erosion control on new residential lots, commercial sites, multi family developments,Type a or c,Npdes Monitoring, streambank stabilization, etc..

Tagged: silt fence, sediment control, athens ga, landscaping