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Blog Posts

Lawns in Georgia

Mar 22, 2011

Lawns in Georgia! A nice lawn adds so much to a landscape, it adds balance to bed sizes and beauty to the overall appearance of the landscape. Establishing and maintaining a lawn area takes a lot of time and effort. So proper grass selection for t...

Tagged: athens ga, sod, grading, landscape contractor in athens ga, reynolds landscape contractors, bermuda sod

1st week of Sept

Sep 8, 2011

After a not so great labor day weekend, because the Dawgs lost and the Race was postponed, tropical storm lee did give us a little moisture, the 5" predicted did not happen, we got an inch, it just settled the dust here in Athens, we did ha...

Tagged: reynolds landscape contractors, athens ga, army worms, bermuda sod, tropical storm lee, soap flush with turf insects